Client Collaboration & Photography

The longer I am in this business the more it gets driven home how vitally important preparation and planning with absolute client commitment is to the successful outcome of a photo session.

We recently completed a day and a half shoot with an excellent long term client who provided us with incredible support in the form of:

  • the time we needed
  • discussion prior to the shoot revolving around style of images they sought
  • ready access to the plant and areas set aside for easy access to our equipment
  • two willing and properly attired photogenic workers assigned to us
  • full cooperation from all of the plant workers
  • ready availability of necessary props and equipment
  • equipment cleaned, logos in place and background clutter removed
  • well, I could go on and on ….but the picture is, for the real winner was the client who we were able to provide with a great collection of images for their marketing and advertising use.