Complacency Will Miss The Opportunity!

I was recently wading through hundreds of my archived images when I came across an image of a Brocken Spectre surrounded by rings of glory, (my climbing partner with arms extended) taken from the summit ridge of Mt. Slesse many, many years ago. It reminded me of another amazing Brocken Spectre that I had observed a few years ago while my BA flight was descending into Berlin. Our 737 was casting its shadow against the mist which had formed into a magnificent Brocken Spectre surrounded by a circular rainbow. Suddenly, the plane’s descent caused the Brocken Spectre to rapidly zoom towards our plane, quickly expanding in size until it disappeared into the plane. I quickly looked up and down the plane to see if any other passengers had seen the lighting phenomenon and was astonished to discover that apparently no one else had seen this incredible sight.

It has always amazed me how complacent many frequent fliers can become when ascending or descending into various cities throughout the world in spite of the amazing opportunity to view sights our ancestors from centuries past could only dream about. Every view can be eminently fascinating and I always find myself gazing out the plane’s window with the expectation to see something I have never seen before.

This often observed complacency of passengers has always bemused and astounded me. The image of the Brocken Spectre brought to mind how we can bring the same complacency into our work and businesses and, particularly today, when we all operate in a business market that is full of rapidly changing dynamic developments that offer numerous opportunities – and threats, that more than ever we need to be looking out the window and seeking new opportunities and methods of adaptation.

And yet I see plenty of entrepreneurs who don’t keep up with technology trends or other new developments, such as social media. In my own field of photography, where technology has been changing at breakneck speed and the need to stay abreast of social media has become critical, at times I find myself barely able to hang on and stay above the whirlwind of change.

Clearly, there is no room for complacency, and in spite of believing you have seen it all before and what has worked in the past will suffice for the future, one must continually be vigilant and dynamic, keeping an eye out the window and seeking new opportunities and methods.