While meeting with a new client the other day, she related that she almost steered away from my photography services upon first landing on my web site. She had perused my portfolios, checked out my client list and after her initial favorable reaction her inclination was to move on, ‘as probably too expensive for our present budget constraints.’
Fortunately, she contacted me and after a discussion of their needs, my suggestions and, services that I could provide given their budget, we settled on a plan and an estimate on costs. She was pleased – as was I, for I had just landed a new client and an interesting shoot.
Photographers typically have a standard day or hourly rate but many factors may influence pricing for any given photography session.
Here is short and not necessarily an exhaustive list:

  1. Image use. A large advertising campaign or simple, small business web site use?
  2. Is the company a huge multi-national where any image use will receive extensive exposure or again, a small business using the images for internal purposes only? The resultant image(s) will have a different inherent value given the resultant exposure, pardon the pun.
  3. Perhaps you have caught the photographer during a slow spell with time on his hands or poor cash flow. That will leave you in a stronger position to negotiate.
  4. The photographer may be excited and intrigued with the possibility of gaining a great portfolio piece if the images required are unique and interesting. Remember, we love to shoot and think nothing of spending a day creating a great personal portfolio image.
  5. Typically we are small businesses and may welcome the chance to help out a new or struggling enterprise. Tell us what your needs are and the budget you have to work with and more often than not we will be able to accommodate.
  6. You may believe the parameters for the shoot are vast and will include a lengthy time commitment but in fact the photographer may be able to effectively streamline the shoot with a commensurate money savings.
  7. Consider a trade of services, particularly if you are a small business and believe the photographer may have an interest in your product or services. As it happens, I am presently negotiating a trade with a business in the fitness and health industry and it appears to be a perfect fit.

There it is, explore the possibilities rather than make assumptions that could very well be wrong.