Images that Keep on Giving

For sure, the initial financial outlay for properly conceived professional architectural photography may seem daunting for some clients, yet those images while showing client projects in their best light for immediate web display purposes, can also be used on an ongoing basis for all marketing needs for several years to come. Great images have much inherent value for the client.

It has always been a ‘head scratcher’ for me, to so often seeing poor images taken of client’s projects and products with substandard equipment (often mobile phone cameras!!!) by non-professional photographers (granted, there are ‘professional’ photographers who have no right calling themselves professionals in the photography realm…) and having those same images used for purposes of display and marketing. It just makes no sense, for I have always believed that it is best to not even use an image for marketing collateral unless it is at the very least a good image. Anything less simply sends a poor message of a client’s project or product.

I daily see examples of terribly conceived images being used for online and other marketing usage and am astonished how the advertiser cannot see how detrimental this is to their presentation. Honestly, no image will always be better than a poor image. Have your projects/products photographed by a good professional photographer.