CEFA Childcare in Calgary Offering Core Education and Fine Arts

I spent several hours photographing the CEFA Early Learning center at Beacon Hill – exteriors to follow once the snow is gone – and was quite amazed at the terrific layout, multiple learning areas, offices, washrooms (built just for the little ones!) and even a kitchen with its in-house chef.
“CEFA opened its first school over 20 years ago in B.C. and is now Canada’s leading private school for children ages one to six. Trusted by parents since 1998, CEFA has earned a reputation for developing intellect in the early years, and for providing children with the finest start in education, arts, and the humanities.

CEFA students develop and play along with other children who are the same age, and they are always learning and playing—not just learning, and not just playing. At CEFA, core fundamental skills are at the heart of our curriculum.

They offer an incredible opportunity and enriched curriculum for students to not only explore and learn, but to discover how they can contribute to the world.”