How Does One Help a New Restaurant?

In a word – Exposure. Before visiting a new restaurant, we not only want to know how good the fare is but what does the restaurant look like? The images will speak to the viewer in several ways; basic, fast food? – casual dining? – fast casual? – contemporary casual? – greasy spoon diner? – fine dining?

Often, the restaurant’s visual presentation can be a great indicator of the quality of menu and service to be expected. And please feel free to counter my opinion on this, a restaurant with visually unappealing image display on the restaurant’s web site does little to instill confidence in the food and service to be found by prospective customers.

My client, Shoku Sushi & Grill, recently opened in Calgary’s Aspen district, offers outstanding food and service and I believe has one of Calgary’s finest sushi chefs in Chef Moon; her presentation and sushi is fabulous!

It was a very satisfying opportunity to be able to provide the owner with several architectural style images to assist in the display of their very fine neighborhood restaurant, and I trust will go a long way towards putting their establishment on prospective client’s radar for terrific sushi and western style grilled food!

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