Partake Brewing

Last month we completed a fun photo session using the famous King Eddy Hotel in downtown Calgary, Alberta to photograph Ted Fleming, the founder of Partake Brewing Partake Brewing
When Ted needed a great tasting NA (non-alcoholic) beer to enjoy with friends and fit in with his dialed-in life, he rolled up his sleeves and invented one himself. He had a clear vision to create a NA beer that achieved the best-flavour with the lowest calories possible. This hadn’t been done before and to my knowledge hasn’t been replicated since. The result is an award-winning beer known by fans today as, ‘Partake’.
Today, Ted continues to share his award-winning and boundary-breaking NA creations with the world. Ted makes every day count. When taking a break from brewing his great tasting beer, you can find him winning a national squash championship, being in total Dad-mode, or scribbling down some new business ideas on the back of a napkin (or coaster).
Ted was a fabulous person to photograph throughout our session, which was interrupted by a large city-wide power outage (thank goodness for our power packs!) was engaging, cooperative, generous and all with a charming measure of humility from such an accomplished individual.
We are really looking forward to working with Ted and his fantastic Partake marketing team in the future.

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