Working with HydroEQ

One of the many delights of my work is being able to spend time with a small group of dedicated entrepreneurs and business folk while performing my function as a photographer capturing their portraits and other aspects of their enterprise.
Post-shoot, I typically like to highlight the individual or company on LinkedIn to express my gratitude for their collaboration and cooperation in helping to make for an incredibly successful photography session. And what can we say about HydroEQ’s David Dockman, their Geologist, who helped us hump our gear to our vehicle that I mistakenly parked too far away! Thank you, David! Above and beyond, for sure!
So rather than try to condense the merits and focus of their company using my own words, I figure it would be far better to borrow from J.P. Bechtold, President & CEO, of HydroEQ, LinkedIn’s site, as follows…
HydroEQ Inc. is …an environmental consulting company dedicated to addressing water issues in the mining sector. We created this company to make a difference and help achieve a sustainable balance between economic prosperity, environmental protection, and societal health. We are client-focused and provide effective and practical solutions to water and water-related issues, including those linked to mine waste management, that our mining clients may be facing, be they in early development, operations, closure, reclamation, or some combination thereof.

At HydroEQ Inc., we understand the intricate relationship between mining operations and water resources. Although the company is new, our staff have a long track record of success within their fields of expertise, notably geochemistry and water quality. Our team of experts brings together years of experience and a passion for environmental stewardship to develop holistic solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by mining companies.”

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